ArchivesNovember 2016

Essential NEMA 4x Devices for Food & Bev/Pharma
NEMA 4x wiring devices and GFCI protection items essential for Food and Pharma industries.
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Surge-Trap® Pluggable
Want a reliable drive installation? Install a surge trap in front of the drive. Phase modules are replaceable!
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Monitor and Capture Events on Your Ethernet Network
This device from Softing can be rail mounted in your panel to monitor/capture events on your Ethernet network.
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Softing/OLDI,Rockwell Automation
Why Use Enclosure A/C Units with Coated Coils
A/C failures? Corrosive or dirty environment? Your next cooling unit from Hoffman/Pentair should have coated coils. Learn why with this Hoffman/Pentair White Paper
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An LED Tube Replacement w/ or w/out Ballast
This universal lamp can be installed in fixtures with or without a ballast, making it ideal for retrofit applications where fluorescent systems are being upgraded to save energy and maintenance costs.
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Forest Lighting,Sylvania
Improving Industrial Automation with RFID
By installing badge readers throughout your company you can secure access control of HMIs and controllers to better manage manufacturing production, authorize fork lift usage, manage tool dispensing, record training attendance, and streamline the mustering process.
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Rockwell Automation,RFIDeas
Brand NEW LED for Complex Industrial Applications
The XHB LED High Bay is a durable, high lumen and high ambient solution for complex industrial applications.
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Cooper Lighting,Eaton Lighting Solutions,Eaton
Do you currently know what’s installed on your line?
Do you currently know what is installed in your facility? If something would break down could you replace it out of the storeroom? An installed base evaluation or IBE could be what can save your company in a critical time.
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Rockwell Automation,Allen Bradley