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Turn a Smartphone/Tablet into a Hygro-Thermometer
Introducing the Extech RHT3 EzSmart Hygro-Thermometer, a full-function datalogging hygro-thermometer accessible from a smartphone or tablet. Just plug the sensor into the headphone jack and start taking readings – no additional meters, download cables, memory cards, or computer required!
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New Industrial Displays in Color by Spectrum Controls
This isn't your father's display. Spectrum Controls came out with a new, brighter, easier and tougher Industrial Message Display late last year. Built with intuitiveness and efficiency in mind. The new InView communications module makes programming a breeze. Check out more ---->
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Spectrum Controls,Rockwell Automation
Imbedded Lighting Control - Leading the Way
Wireless lighting control solutions from Philips for industrial applications. Industrial facilities can save up to 75% energy savings, which equals a lot of money, which many industrial facilities are tasked at doing. With the combination of SpaceWise and LED fixtures, any facility can achieve their goals. We are proud supporters of your bottom line! Find out more after the jump ----->
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Explore & GET TRAINED on Industrial IP - COUPON CODE included
Using the power of standard, unmodified Internet Protocol (IP) improves connectivity between people, partners and processes, devices, departments and systems in industrial applications, and opens up new opportunities for productivity, efficiency and flexibility. How much do you know? Are you trained? Find out how to get training. (Including a coupon to give you a lot off the training! ...After the jump.
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Panduit,Cisco,Rockwell Automation
Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Incorporates 3D Models
Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems has incorporated 3D “dumb” models into over 600 industrial devices. What's the big deal? Find out.
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Hubbell,Hubbell Wiring Devices