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Turn a Smartphone/Tablet into a Hygro-Thermometer
Introducing the Extech RHT3 EzSmart Hygro-Thermometer, a full-function datalogging hygro-thermometer accessible from a smartphone or tablet. Just plug the sensor into the headphone jack and start taking readings – no additional meters, download cables, memory cards, or computer required!
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Virtual Testing of Automated Control Systems - Get to know Emulate3D
Emulate3D Controls Testing -Virtual Commissioning of Automated Systems: It's productive engineering tools for the design, layout, improvement, and implementation of material handling systems. Click here to learn more about how Emulate3D can save you time and money.
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Manage your Assessed Assets with MyEquipment from Rockwell Automation
MyEquipment on MyRockwell is a way to track and manage your installed assets and can provide you with insights into the operations of your production environment so you can make better data-driven decisions.
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New Hammond Power TruWave Active Harmonic Filter
HPS TruWave active harmonic filter (AHF) is a comprehensive and flexible solution for harmonic mitigation.
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DISTRIBUTOR PROMOTION: Faster Installs and Easier Troubleshooting with the Industrial Ethernet CableAnalyzer Kit
Cabling, copper or fiber optic, is a major cause of downtime in time-sensitive industrial control networks. The DSX2-5-IE-K1 helps customers quickly pinpoint cable defects. Learn more about distributor exclusive offer -->
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ProSoft: Automotive Campaign in a Box
This one is designed differently – it’s focused on machine builders and begins with a Lunch and Learn that is held in your local office. After that seminar, we’ve included emails and collateral that aim to help OEMs secure automotive sales.
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During a downtime, minutes matter. Make those minutes count. 
Do You Have a Backup Plan for Avoiding Downtime? Outside Industrial Support Services Can Help
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We recorded some brand new podcast episodes from the manufacturing matters expo to talk about safety, what's happening in the industry and a customer on what makes a panel, more than a panel.
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When Just Stainless Steel Isn't Good Enough for Your Servos - INFOGRAPHIC
Having just a stainless steel servo motor in your food and beverage operation, in many cases, isn't good enough to mitigate bacterial contamination and recalls in your process. Allen Bradley has a designed servo motor for you.
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Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Data Monitoring Solutions
Data collection and analytics in today's markets are increasingly important to ensuring efficiency, uptime, and quality. For any industrial manufacturer or data center owner, the ability to predict costly downtime before it happens is critical to maintaining productivity.
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