WATCH: Simple Plant-Wide Optimization

Many process manufacturers find themselves accepting the status quo and reacting to issues that undermine plant performance.

While optimizing control loop performance is known to improve plant profitability, identifying bad actors from among 100s or even 1000s of PIDs can present a significant challenge.

Beyond identification, the time needed to isolate root-causes and characterize each issue can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, PlantESP from Control Station makes plant-wide optimization simple.

  • PlantESP capitalizes on your plant’s existing process data and proactively monitors control loop performance across your plant.
  • PlantESP automatically identifies controllers that experience a change in performance and it ranks them based on their importance.
  • A simple click links you to a focused set of KPIs that characterizes the degraded performance as a mechanical, interaction, or controller tuning issue.
  • Another click provides access to PlantESP’s advanced forensic tools and allows you to isolate the associated root-cause.
  • One more click and PlantESP both recommends a corrective action and provides step-by-step instructions for returning your plant to optimal performance.

Optimization doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re tired of reacting to control loop issues that undermine performance and profitability, then PlantESP is your answer.


Insider Control Station
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