See how one plant in Florida got hacked and how you don't have to

The more advanced our operations get, the more connected they need to be, which can result in more cyber security risk.  You may think that nothing could happen to our operation as no one cares.  But the threat is real.  

It became very real and close to a very dangerous community catastrophe for a water treatment plant in Florida.

“A hacker broke into a Florida water treatment plant and ordered it to increase the amount of lye in the water to extremely dangerous levels”

They breached twice and were able to hack into a program designed to help operators troubleshoot problems with the computerized parts of their system.

Luckily plant operators noticed early enough to prevent a disaster.

Those troubleshoot programs and your connected enterprise are increasingly common and good to have, but do you and your operation have the security to keep these programs and connections that give you a lot of benefit, safe and secure.

You can start with a cybersecurity study.

Rockwell Automation and us have a cybersecurity study that will provide detailed information to assess and prioritize your OT network security risks through asset inventory, a baseline network traffic, and detection of abnormalities.


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