Pairing a Motor to a Variable Frequency Drive

"Variable frequency drives (VFDs) and electric motors are strange companions: The VFD is a static device, delicate, intolerant of wide variations in environmental conditions; extremely adjustable and controllable by microprocessors; capable of being monitored and controlled from remote locations; and a product of modern electronic engineering and precision—the beauty.

The motor is a rotating machine, robust and capable of wide variations in environmental conditions; not easily controlled unless assisted by external devices; and a product of nearly two centuries of electrical and mechanical engineering—the beast.

Yet, the two work together successfully to provide a means of speed control of rotating machinery. But before it can happen, there are many issues of compatibility that engineers must carefully evaluate and resolve." - Great quote from

The Beauty and The Beast.  Pairing them correctly can be a beautiful thing for your operation.  

Watch one of our Solution Consultants from Nebraska (John Robinson) explain how you could best do that.

How to Pair Motors and VFDs from Industrial Solutions Network on Vimeo.

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