What does safety mean to you?

This is safety month.  Your number one asset is your people. What you do now can help you recruit, keep you running and keep your people safe.

Programs you can implement now:

Arc Flash Analysis

Protect your most important asset - your employees.

An arc flash risk assessment calculates the incident energy generated during an electric arc flash event based on the parameters of the electrical system. AIMM Services will work with you to ensure your facility is safe for your employees and complies with regulations.

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Lockout/Tagout Solutions

A lockout/tagout program can greatly assist in safety compliance and reducing overall risk. A machine-specific lockout/tagout procedure is a guide that provides a sequential process for employees to follow to render a piece of equipment safe as a zero-energy-state. A LOTO service will lead you through the development or update of procedures to help protect your workforce and assets.

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Scalable Safety Assessments

Through Rockwell Automation we offer safety assessments to evaluate plant risk and help you make well-informed decisions to support the safety of your employees.

In addition, safety assessment services are scalable – offering options for you to meet your safety goals in a cost-effective and manageable manner across your entire enterprise, both locally and globally.

This strategy provides you the flexibility to focus on the key issues specific to your facility through the use of machine audits, guarding assessments, safety assessments and team-based risk assessments.

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Hazardous Location Audit

The hazardous location audit provides you with a report that will ensure your hazardous locations are properly identified at the correct level, have appropriate signage and contain supplies and equipment that is properly suited to that area in order to be code and safety compliant.

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