Find the right blueprint for your cyber security

With 300% increase in cyber-attacks, including at manufacturing plants, large and small, do you know your next steps?  It isn't just public embarassment anymore, it's having to shut down your production line before the hack that started on the IT side get's to your OT side.  This messes with your goals, your budget and your precious time.

Most are aware and thinking about the "what if this happens to me".  Some have been tasked to figure it out from headquarters.

So what's next?  Every situation and operation is a bit different.

1. You can start by learning about best practices, a blueprint that helps you design and deploy an industrial network infrastructure you need to keep your OT and business secure.

Converged Plantwide Ethernet (CPwE) from Cisco and Rockwell Automation.

2.  Reach out to a certified Network Specialilst to talk through where you are at and a network solutions that fits you:

3.  Assess your network:

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