Plant-wide Network Diagnostic Tool by Panduit

Your facilities are connecting everything in the plants. It gives you real time acces and knowledge of how everything is working together.  More and more of your equipment now have IP Addresses and connected via Ethernet.

How are you monitoring and maintening this network?  Most control and automation engineers aren't and don't want to be network managers.  IntraVUE provides individuals who are not network experts the ability to respond to issues as if they were network experts.

Interuptions happen with networks and that can be huge issues. 

IntraVUE Software simplifies the support of Industrial Ethernet. With IntraVUE you can easily identify issues that arise when Ethernet devices are deployed in distributed and hostile environments, including:

  • Duplicate IP and MAC addresses
  • Device or cable moves
  • Connection or application faults
  • Unauthorized connections

Panduit purchased (this last summer) IntraVUE, which is a "tool trusted by industrial controls professionals to assure network uptime for manufacturing plants that use Ethernet technologies as a part of their controls and automation network. This tool provides network diagnostic capabilities in addition to real-time visualization and monitoring of the Industrial Ethernet network, helping manufacturers proactively improve the uptime of their Industrial Ethernet infrastructure."

This tool could help bridge the gap between OT and IT.

Continuous Enterprise Monitoring

  • 24 x 7 Monitoring & Recording
  • Remote access
  • Layered Scalability

Portable Test Tool

  • Deploy on any laptop
  • Record & store many network details
  • Use offline for planning or expansions

Embedded OEM Applications

  • Localized support for isolated networks
  • Easy access to network & device history
  • Cost effective


Watch and use the video here:


More information here.

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