Softing Industrial through the Rockwell Automation channel

For over 30 years, the core business of Softing Industrial Automation has been industrial data communication between fieldbus devices, controllers, and hosts.


Softing has developed computing and communications modules for Rockwell Automation controller platforms from PLC-5 through ControlLogix.

Appliance Transaction Modules

Designed for Enterprise-to-Controller or Controller-to-Controller data exchange. Set-up of tag/array data transfer is done graphically via configuration software. Once completed, the modules alone handle all data exchange - no other software is required.

56eATM-tManager Applications:

  • Automated Inventory Tracking 
  • Tubine Blade Heat Treatment 
  • Appliance Manufacturing Track & Trace 
  • Global Label Printing 
  • Automotive Tier 1 Track & Trace 
  • Gas Processing 

Controller Appliance Transaction Modules Applications:

• Leading automotive manufacturer to transfer data from older Allen-Bradley PLCs to ControlLogix…cATM-HP 

• Power generation plant to begin upgrade of Bailey 90 systems…cATM-BLY90 

• A systems integrator needed to exchange data between ControlLogix and older GE Series 6 PLCs….cATM-KPW 


Special Application Modules

Modules and panel mounted products that allow a user to write custom programs in high-level languages such as C.

RA56 SAM..Special Application Module Applications:

• Subsea Oil Production 

• Major robotics manufacturer for advanced motion control 

• Leading tire manufacturer for plant and enterprise communications 


Network Cards

Cards with extended temperature range (>70 deg C) to connect computers and industrial terminals to networks such as ControlNet and EtherNet/IP.

 High Temp Network Cards PCI/PCI Express Applications:

• A leading gas turbine OEM 


Network Test Tools

Cable certifiers allow installers and control engineers to quickly analyze and troubleshoot their Ethernet cabling installations.  Softing's most advanced certifier, the WireXpert 4500 tests systems to the highest levels quickly and easily and includes options for various types of media and connectors.

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