Find Wasted Money from Air Leaks

Leaks in compressed air, gas, steam and vacuum systems are hard to detect.

Our AIMM Services air leak detection service helps you quickly identify those leaks using ultrasonic imaging machines so you can increase your energy efficiency and decrease compressor usage.

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  • Quickly pinpoint the location of compressed air and vacuum leaks
  • Do more with the same air compressors—delay the capital expense of installing an additional compressor
  • We guarantee that if the leaks identified during our service are corrected, the energy savings will exceed the cost of our service within one year or we’ll refund the difference.*

*Guarantee only applies to first air leak detection service and is not valid on multi-day studies.

During an air leak detection service, our technician will scan your facility with an ultrasonic imaging machine and will provide you with a real-time report that details where the leaks are, their frequency and the savings you can achieve by repairing them.

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